There are only theologians

There are ONLY theologians.

Did it get you to click?  I wanted to say something like, “Only Theologians Go to Heaven”, but I know that is too crass and someone would freak out and e-mail me how offensive that was.  And I would just be doing it to get you to click the page.  So I held off…

But seriously, the statement “There are only theologians” is a fact.  Now, before you write it off walk with me for a second.  The literal definition of theology comes from two greek words: theos(God) and logia(logic).  So it means the logic of God.  Webster dictionary defines it as the study of the nature of God and religious beliefs.  Now, still most of you are thinking that this word is only reserved for Christians or “religious” people.  And I would agree that it is reserved for people who place faith in something other than themselves.  All Christians should LOVE the logic of God! But it this does not exclude people who choose not to place faith in something.  It all comes down to the definition of God.  What is God?  Who is God?  I think everyone places belief in a God. Whether a Christian or not, watch…

When you google the definition of God, it comes up first with the Christian definition.  But if you look deeper and actually start researching the philosophical definition you see the deeper explanation of how humanity actually sees “God”.  Now if you’re rolling your eyes about the philosophy, hold up because that word literally means “love for wisdom”…so if you don’t desire the love for wisdom than, I think you might be a liar.  We all want to be wise, act wise, live wisely.  The problem is what our definition of wisdom is.  Thats another post for another day.

But the philosophy of God  or the concept of God according to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is focused on that which is of “ultimate concern and maximal greatness.”  What ever is of total concern of the life of the person can be considered God for them.  They might not call it God, they might call is “goals” or even “hobbies”.  But whatever is of maximum concern and greatness(joy) in the life of a person could be considered in concept “God.”

Hmm… let’s be honest here, we all have opinions about what is most important in life.  Doesn’t take someone who reads a Bible to have an opinion about what is important while you are breathing.  So we all have a baseline logic of God.  The problem and where there is tension lies is the division on what is deserving of being “God”.

Well, jury’s out on who God is, but my point is we are all theologians of something.  What’s sad is that when we look at the idea of God being what is of “ultimate concern and maximal greatness” my fear is that Christians, we actual replace the rightful owner of our theology, Jesus Christ.  My worry is that we replace the chief end of our life, affections towards, knowledge of, and glory to Jesus Christ, with lesser “concerns”.  Whether we like it or not, we are all theologians, the scary part is a lot of times our theology has nothing to do with the rightful and only GOD.  We are all studying(focusing) or putting affections on something, but is it God, is it Jesus?

Do you enjoy God more than you enjoy the idea of getting better for God?

Don’t read that wrong, doing for God is pretty clear all throughout Scripture(Colossians 3:5-7, Colossians 3:18-21, Ephesians 4, 5, 6).  Placement is crucial here though.  One before the other is making doing for God the “ultimate concern” in your life.  And that is not Christianity, that makes work your God.  This replaces the rightful owner of your affections, concerns, maximum greatness, with a command.  That is exchanging the glory of the immortal God with images resembling moral man(Romans 1:22).

We are all a theologian of something, here’s a clearer way to think about it.  Is your day centered around something other than Jesus Christ. Then there is your answer of where your theology lies.  If we look around us we will see God’s all over the place: Your God is your work.  Your God is your girlfriend.  Your God is your desire to have a boyfriend.  Your God is your children.  Carrying shame and guilt? Your God is your sin.  The Bible is clear about this and it uses the word idolatry, but that words doesn’t hold the weight like it did then.  As you study the entire narrative of Scripture Idolatry, or False Theology, is central to the biblical message.  Mankind is always clinging to false theology.  They put their affections and decide that what is of greatest concern and maximum importance is not the God who rescued them from Egypt, but their own things.  (Exodus 32,34).

For you shall worship no other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God. – Exodus 34:14

In Genesis the problem was not jealousy, or envy of God that led them to sin.  It was replacing God as the ultimate concern and maximum importance.  They replaced God with themselves.

Why do we think that theology isn’t important?  Our problem is that we think that just a sliver of understanding of God’s infinite being is enough to sustain us.  The problem with that is that only understanding one facet of God will lead us to twisting him into something he isn’t. For example: God is love.  This is true, but God of Love separated from God of Justice is not the God of Christianity.  We think that if we just know that He is loving than we can make it.  If we just know and believe that he is merciful than we will thrive.  Or even more over, we are scared to dive into ALL that he is because we are worried our opinions of Him will change!  Why?

Since when did knowing ALL WE CAN about God become a take and pick type of thing?  Habakkuk 2:14 claims this over God’s people, “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.”  God’s glory, his very being, is large enough to cover the seas.  Why won’t you dive in?  Are you scared it will make you love him less?  Are you worried it will change your opinion of him?  Then your God is too fickle.  That’s not the God of the Bible.  You need a stronger God.  You need the one True God who is “I am”.

All of his character displays his Glory.  All of it.  Therefore we should desire to know all of it!  Because as we fall deeper into the vastness of God’s character, we become violently secure in Him.  All of a sudden we are emboldened to run, not fearful to fall.  Because we know our God.

Do you know ALL that God has revealed to us about him in the Scriptures?  Scared to answer that?  Here let me answer it for all of us:

Give. Me. More.


Want some resources on where to begin?

  1. The Holiness of God – RC Sproul
  2. Attributes of God – A.W Pink
  3. John Piper, How we can teach our children about God’s character and not Just his Commandments
  4. The God Who is There – D.A. Carson

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