Not everything was a blur

My daughter is 10 months old.  What?!? Let me say that again, my daughter is 10 months OLD!  She’s about to go through a mid life crisis she’s growing so fast.  I cannot believe it.

This summer was a blur, but at the same time there were a couple very strong memories that I could recite almost word for word play by play.  Interestingly enough most have to do with Hadley Jo this summer.  Emmy and I had an absolute insane schedule this summer and traveled over 7,000 miles visiting the sites for the summer camp that we are helping launch at Kanakuk.  So a lot of things run together.  But there are a couple things that do not run together even in the slightest:

1. Being a Daddy is the best job in the world. One night in June Hadley woke up in the middle of the night.  Why?  Ask Jesus, but its maddening when it happens(true colors).  She decided that she wanted to sit up and just cry.  I’m sorry did I say cry?  I meant SCREAM.  So being the super dad I am I looked at Emmy and told her, “I got this baby!”  Man…so sacrificial I am.

I went into her room ready to battle.  I was ready for the screams to not phase me and I would be strong so we could STICK TO THE PLAN of sleep training our daughter(yes, you actually have to sleep train humans, didn’t know that before little missy).  Now I have done this before and I was strong.  I walked in to turn her over, let her know everything is okay and then left the room.  No problem Dad 1-Hadley zero.  But this time was different…

Right when I walked in, it was like knives shooting into my stomach when she was screaming.  And then as I looked at her, she reached for me wanting one thing, Daddy.  I grabbed that child quicker than I ever will and immediately put her to my chest.  Her chest rose and fell and she didn’t fall right back to sleep.  It was like she needed a couple minutes to sit and enjoy the late night time with daddy and then she sniffled her way back to sleep.  And I held her for a good 30 minutes, but it felt like 2 minutes.  We sat down and just rocked in the chair.  I looked at her little face and am enthralled by the fact that, she’s mine.  Guys – this is why Daddy’s have the best job in the world.  I get the gift and responsibility to love my daughter so unconditionally that it hurts.  Literally hurts.  But it’s the sweetest thing in the world.  I won’t ever forget that night.  And there have been MANY nights like that – but there will never be a night like that.

2. Quick conversation with large implications. I got to talk with a mom during one of our weeks out on KampOut about the purpose and position of the local church.  This conversation was maybe 5 minutes long, but I got to share what I believe the Bible clearly says about why families need the local church and why they should get excited about digging deep roots with a local church.  It’s incredible that my job is that I get to champion that belief through providing a great service that blesses the church.

3. My wife is a rockstar.  One thing that made me most nervous about my new job was that during the summer’s my wife was going to be working for me.  She has seen me work before, but never has she actually been on the team that I’m leading.  And I’m not peach to work with: I’m a verbal processor, I’m always thinking about the NEXT thing and sometimes not totally in the now, I’m pretty scatter brained.  I sometimes shoot and then aim later…so I was worried that she would HATE working with me.  But man, I had no idea how much of a beast my wife is.  She is like a little administrative monster who inhales everything administrative and spits it out perfect.  It has been one of the greatest joys this summer watching my wife excel.  My greatest prayer for this new stage of life is that Emmy would feel adequate as a mom and successful as a women’s director.  And God has been so faithful!  Because my wife is a BOMB mother and a phenomenal women’s director.  The girls’ staff doesn’t even know how lucky they are to have a woman like her to look up to.  So pretty much, she rocks.

4. Laughing, a lot.  Our family, Emmy Hadley and I, have laughed a ton this summer. And if you haven’t heard Hadley Jo’s deep belly laugh then you haven’t tasted a glimpse of Heaven yet.  I am thankful that one of the things I remember most from this summer is that in the midst of chaos my family tries to choose joy.  Laughing for us is like medicine.  Because I’m an idiot and easy to laugh at.


Let’s run it back? Not quite yet.  I’m excited for a slower pace…for now.



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