Calling to Christ, check…but now what?

“So, my calling has less to do with a thing, and more to do with my identity and contentment in Christ.  Okay…but now what?”

It’s funny, I always go back and read my blog posts 24 hours later.  This helps because right after I finish I just have ZERO desire to read it.  This is why I was a B student in my english classes.  I love writing.  I hate re-reading.  Anyone else despise having to read over your six page paper after you just spent all night writing all six pages?  No?  Just me…

Well, after reading and processing through what I was saying I realized something.  There is clarity and comfort in the fact that my calling is to Christ himself.  I find extreme freedom and comfort there.  The Holy Spirit truly has protected me from the anxiety of being overwhelmed by the future.

But there is still one problem, right?  We are all thinking it…

We still have to make a decision about our future!  I get it.  I feel you.

I think what I would say here is first and foremost, I understand.  If I was candid and honest(which if you know me is pretty easy), I feel like I’m at a point in my life where a lot needs to start happening.  I feel like I’m the GM(general manager) for the Bobcats(worst franchise in the NBA).  I got to start making moves towards building the legacy that I want…problem is I don’t know the right first move, and there are SO MANY THINGS THAT NEED TO GET DONE:

You probably feel this way too right? Got to get a wife/husband, need to apply for jobs, need to send out financial aid applications, need to move back to X, need to get experience for the next job.

Whatever happening to being okay with the process

Okay, this is coming from a place not of wisdom but simply opinion.  If you walk away from this blog and disagree with me and say “THAT’S SO WRONG”, GREAT.  You have that right – enjoy that freedom.  But, I seriously believe that there is nothing wrong with this concept:

Just walk.

Just walk.  Don’t run trying to beat everyone else to find out where and what you are doing.  There is something really beautiful about the process…I have seen it first hand.

You cannot sit here and tell me that God himself expects and mandates us to just NAIL it the first time.  There isn’t a character in the history of Scripture that was just killing it right away.  Look at Israel in the Old Testament – it was a freaking process to get them to bow and find their True North.  For Heaven’s sake, God had to resurrect himself for them to finally find it.  Why do you hold yourself to a higher standard of perfection and obligation then Peter and Paul did  toward themselves?  Or that God has on you for that matter.  I mean Paul had been faithfully following Jesus for years, and his response to individuals thinking he had figured it out was pretty blunt:

“Brothers, I do not consider myself taken hold of it.  But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind, and straining toward what is ahead.  I press on toward the goal that God has called me Heavenward in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 3:13-14

He’s forgetting what is behind.  That must mean that there was stuff he did & choices he made that didn’t point him to “it”.  Forgetting doesn’t mean he disregards it and slanders that as the “wrong” but it was part of his sanctification!  Those things are so necessary!

Just walk.

Here’s the deal.  You got a couple job offers?  Pick one.  Neither one of those hold any bearing on if you are more or less IN CHRIST because if you believe in Christ, you will be called Heavenward.  Just choose.  You have that liberty and gift of choosing.  Put a little more trust that the Holy Spirit is guiding you.  And if you make a decision not led by the Spirit, God will redeem it!  You think David the “man after God’s own heart” choosing to holler at Bathsheba was a decision being led by God.  Nope.  Did God redeem that?  Oh yeah! Led David back to his Father.

But what if one isn’t the right choice? Impossible.  It might not be where you are meant to dwell.  But you needed to choose that to learn that even amidst seasons of struggle; your call is to Christ so rejoice.  Don’t believe me, fine… Paul?

“I have lost things.  I consider them rubbish, that I may gain Christ and be found in Him.”-Philippians 3:8

Notice Paul said that I may GAIN Christ, present tense.  He wants more of Christ and receives more communion with God when the things of the world start to fail him.  Because they will.

You have no job offers?  Just move somewhere.  I suggest to where you have community, REAL COMMUNITY.  Not just your buddies that are fun.  Get plugged in to a church that will aid in your gaining more communion with Christ.  Just go.  Take a job, it doesn’t have to be in the career path you want to stay in.  Start somewhere and let the Holy Spirit work in your heart.

What if we put just as much worry, stress, focus, conversation, research on the internet, preparation we put towards the NEXT STEP in life toward striving to enjoy the Lord in whatever it is you are doing?  Just do something!  And then find a way to redeem whatever it is you are doing.  Because here’s the harsh truth people…

Most of us, God has us where we are and in the work places we are not for the job but for the lost and broken people that work alongside of us.  I think we get side tracked by the worldly task of doing our jobs well.  Don’t misread me- that’s important I believe that!  Christians should worker harder than everyone in their work place.  But that job well done is the means to what we have to offer(The Gospel) for the people we work with.  God is reconciling that place to himself. I think…okay I know, He wants and has called(oops there is that word) you to be a part of redeeming that place.

So, moral of the story.  I have no idea what I am going to do after my job here in Waco.  I don’t know if it’s full time pastoral ministry, starting a company, working three different part time jobs, corporate America, fill in the blank. I do know that my calling will not change in any of those avenues.  I do know that I am first mandated to lead my wife and soon to be child to the cross of Christ.  And I do know that God will continue to develop, shape, and mold me in to the man that He wants me to be.  I’m okay with waiting, it’s worth it.  He hasn’t messed up a thing in history… I trust the guy.

But I hope that wherever I go, I remember that my job is more about redemption and less about the bottom line; ministry or not. Redemption happens everywhere if Christ is involved.


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