Can’t beat community

One of my best friends got married a couple weeks back.  This was one of many weddings my wife and I will be attending this summer.  I had the honor of standing next to Joe as a groomsmen as well.  It’s been so cool to be on both sides of that situation.

What a gift.

Not only was it a treat to stand next to you Joe praying for him and watching him declare his love for Lisa(his bride).  I have some of the most incredible group of friends any one could ask for.  Not only that, I’m absolutely confident that we have more fun than any one else in the world.

We spent the entire weekend laughing, enjoying meals, and being reminded how important quality relationships are.  There really is nothing more life giving than a quality friendship.  I can’t really explain it.  The weekend just felt right.

I want to highlight some things that stood out to me this weekend, not because I want to just give you a glimpse into my life, but also because I truly believe that what I experienced this weekend is how we all should strive to live amidst our community.  It shouldn’t take a special occasion to do the things that we did..

1. We shared life with each other.  Not just successes, but FAILURES as well…

Most of the time when I talk to people, I feel this insecurity of the fact that I have to prove myself worthy of someones respect.  So I usually lead with what I’ve done GOOD.  Not with my boys.  I tend to lead with my failures.  Because I know that they will be received with love and my community will come along side of me.

2. Truth was spoken to each other…

Every wedding I’ve been to, it’s been about the bride and the groom.  It’s their day!  This was the same, however Joe(the groom) did something really cool.  Before we went out for the ceremony, he spent 10 minutes reading to each groomsmen a letter he wrote to them about why he chose us.  He spoke bold truth in to our lives about our identity and our character.

In another situation, one of my buds reminded me that I tend to take things on myself too much.  And some times that doesn’t show hard work or humility, but arrogance because I like to be in charge.  Wow!  Did that sting, yeah.  But it is SO true.  No one but him could have said that to me without me getting defensive.

3. Gathered together to enjoy TIME

I don’t know if it was going to school in Waco, or just the genetic make up of my community, but we don’t have to do much to make sure we are enjoying TIME with each other.  We have gotten very good over the years at making sure what we do is FUN and CHEAP.

After the wedding 10 of us went of to one of the houses and just SAT and enjoyed time with each other.  What did that consist of?  Only the finer things in life:

Super Smash Brothers. Watching Tyler and John Steen wrestle.  Brenna having pick her birthday dinner restaurant by Will building a Tournament with restaurants competing for her choice (side note BJ’s won….I’d like to note that Taco Bell made it to the Final Four.  Now you know why Brenna and I are friends).  And a lot of people making fun of A-Train!

We don’t need much to enjoy time with each other.  The key is simple: we are with each other.

I am thankful and stupid lucky that I get to claim the people I do as my community.  These people are going to be world changers.  We have business man in NY and soon to be doctors in Denver. We have top salesmen in Dallas and Fort Worth and we have soon to be physical therapists…. and the list goes on.  The best part about all those people is this…. every single one of them is passionate about Jesus and making Him known.

And there’s the kicker.  That’s why my community can’t be beat.


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