It was always simple

Do you ever forget your phone at home and realize throughout the day how glorious it is that you aren’t attached to it?

Yeeaaaah… Not me. I’m the guy that will drive back because I am so attached to it. I am the guy that when 3pm rolls around I better plug the thing in so it doesn’t die. It’s my life line.

I can hear my mom now, “you’re not that important Garrett.”

I went overseas last week with 30+ high school kids. I was completely detached and removed from everything going on in my everyday life. No worries about work, future, is the house clean for when the in-laws come, etc. All that mattered last week was one thing: the gospel.

Anyone that has been on a mission trip before would agree, the simplicity of serving and not worrying about anything else is so REFRESHING. Why is it that it takes having to go somewhere else to realize how simple the call of Christ is?

Love God, love people, make Jesus’ name famous.

So I’m home now. I do ministry full time as my career. Why does it feel so different? Why can’t there be that same simplicity? For me it comes down to one thing: idolatry.

So often I get focused and bogged down on “stuff” in my ministry and my life. I put such a focus on doing this particular thing right. Or I will worry so much about if we are raising enough money. Or I’ll put a lot of time in the tasks.

Then I’ll hit the pillow at the end of a long day of “ministry” and I realize I didn’t do one thing to make His name famous today.

Don’t hear this post wrong; all of those things need to be done so the gospel can be portrayed well. BUT when those things consume not just my time but my head– I’ve lost. The same goes for my life outside of my job. I don’t want to be a person that forgets the call that Jesus put on my heart. To lead my wife to the cross, to come alongside my friends at the cross and to follow my mentors to the cross.

Grace was costly, not cheap. I can’t forget that.

That Truth can change a perspective real fast. My hope is that it doesn’t stop at perspective change, but trickles down to life change!


One thought on “It was always simple

  1. rachelmoye says:

    Thanks for sharing Garrett! I feel the same way right now. Absolutely loving serving without distractions, well except for mosquitos, in Africa, and nervous about the chaos back at home. I believe that’s why it’s all the more reason to seek out stillness when we’re in America! Hope you had a blast though with the kids!!

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