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It better have tasted good

Everyone has their weakness.  The one thing that we seem to lose all carnal discernment of sense of mine.  It’s simple really, we can’t say no to whatever it is.  My wife has a few.  Funny thing is they both have to do with fashion.

Shoes and dresses.

But hey I can’t complain, I love it when she wears dresses.  She looks beautiful in them.  I love it when she wears fun shoes because it makes her stand out.  People always say things like “you have the coolest shoes.”

Yeah, she’s with me!

The problem is, the closet.  We have one closet.  In a perfect world we would have three closets.  One for her dresses, one for her shoes, and one for our clothes.  I shall not go farther, I will already be in the dog house for those comments.

My weakness is far stronger than my wife’s .  It tends to creep up on me. And before I know it, I’m at it again.  I say with the upmost seriousness, I can’t say no to Taco Bell.

It doesn’t matter the time, the place, or how many times I have eaten it that week.  I will never turn down a trip to the Bell.  Is it good for me? Absolutely not.  Does that stop me? Never will.

The point is simple, we all have our things that we will succumb to.  No matter what, we give ourselves the benefit of the doubt.  “Well it’s just Taco Bell, I’m going to work out later.” Our conscious is so good at justifying.  “Its just….this is the only pair of shoes that matches this dress.”

Annnnnd we relapse.

Lets broaden that scale a little bit shall we.  The world has a way to woo us back to itself doesn’t it?  I notice it daily.  By world I mean things of the world.  Money, sex, lust, drugs, alcohol, pride, wanting to better than someone else, envy, slander, arrogance, popularity.  The world seems irresistible.  It seems to always win.  Even when we try to be better, we end up falling flat on our faces again.  The true reality however is not that it seems to always win.  It always will win.

The world IS irresistible.

We crack that up to Adam and Eve’s bad.  But the second the Serpent won that battle, all of the descendants of Adam fall under this reality.  Our natural will has been put in bondage.  The best way to put it is we are slaves to the world.  All of our focus, desire, and carnal minds are wrapped up in this world.  You probably see where this is going, but because of Adam and Eve and that fruit, we were forfeited our liberty towards true obedience outside of selfish gain.

That fruit better have at least tasted good, just saying.

R.C. Sproul puts it like this:

Because of the Fall, man has the ability to make choices, and in this sense he is free.  But he lacks the capacity to exercise a liberty for spiritual obedience.

Prior to the Fall, man had NATURAL (key word) intentions, inclinations and desires to have obedience toward the Creator.  It was that exact nature that was stripped of man in the garden. (Ephesians 2:1, 2:5, Colossians 2:13)

So if our, being products of the Fall, natural inclination towards disobedience is irresistible, what can we do?  How do we change?

There in lies the dangerous question to answer…

We don’t. God does.

I believe that if my nature is geared towards disobedience, the only way to change or, “be better”, has to come from something outside my natural character.  If it is outside my natural character, then it is not from me.  If it is not from me, then where did it come from?

There is another great question that  I can only answer with what the The Word of God says in Titus 3.  He starts the chapter by explaining who man is, who I was.  Then reminds us how we can live different:

But when the kindness and love of God our Savior appeared, he saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy.  He saved us through the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit.

Someone who is dead cannot respond.  They are lifeless, cold, and helpless.  For this person to respond, they must be brought back to life first.  This HAS to be by something other than themselves.  Their response after that is important, no doubt!  But it is not the source or catalyst of their regeneration back to life.

For life change to happen, for our hearts to be affected by the Gospel to the state of obedience, it has to come from something outside of own natural will.  Something supernatural.  Something divine.

And something absolutely Irresistible.