No Winter X-Games for me

I’m not the best at snowboarding.  Actually that puts it lightly; I’m bad at snowboarding.  I’ve been coming up to the mountains to ski my entire life.  One would think that since I can ski well, I could also just “pick up” snowboarding.

Don’t be mislead like me.  You can’t.

If you know me than you know these two things: I don’t like being bad at something and I’m competitive.  Believe it or not, on my Strengths Finder’s test, Competition was my number 3 strength.


That’s another subject, moving on.  Between both of those vices; my recent attempt at being Shaun White was quite humbling.

Great word, humbling.

Here is my predicament: I find myself continuing to dwell  in areas I excel in.  I know my strengths and legitimately avoid my weaknesses.  Why walk in to failure when you can live in success?

I can see the Billboard now.

I’ve gotten very good at this.  Focusing and doing things that I excel in.  It has turned in to a way of life for me.  It’s just easier right? Why do I feel like there is something off here?  Don’t get me wrong, I believe that we should utilize our strength’s and push ourselves to be the best at what we do.  But even the best should work at their weaknesses.

Let me go back to that great word, humbling.  My favorite definition is as follows: breaking down one’s pride.  Here is why I  may not like that definition but need it….

I just recently re-read Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.  Simply put the book was brilliant. No one can portray the Truth of God, the Gospel, and nature of man like C.S. Lewis.  Here is what he said about Pride:

“Is was through Pride that the devil became the devil: Pride leads to every other vice: it is the complete anti-God state of mind.  Pride has been the chief cause of misery in every nation and every family since the world began…But Pride always means enmity–it is enmity.  And not only enmity between man and man, but enmity to God.”

Pride is dangerous.  Cancerous even.

I know myself well.  If I searched my motives as to why I always dwell in situations that I succeed in it would probably sound something like, “Because I like being seen as good at IT.”

Whatever  IT is.  I want to be good at IT.  It doesn’t even have to do with IT.  I just want people to know that I, Garrett Perkins, am good at IT.

There’s that Pride.  Crap.

I have learned through the years that I need a lot of this “humbling” in my life.  But can I really be humbled when I only do things that I am good at? Nope.

I’m not saying that I am going to jump right in to only things I’m bad at.  Because that is neglecting my strengths.  What I am saying is that I must use my strengths to further something more than myself.  And be open to willing to put myself in a place that may be hard and that I won’t be good at.  Because once again, IT is not about me.

But it’s funny that in something as small and insignificant as snowboarding that I noticed something deeply rooted about myself.  Something that I don’t like.  The good news is this battle was already won a long time ago.  It just takes my recognition to really fight on my end.




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