Stocks. Bonds. Mutual Funds.  Roth IRA’s.  Real Estate.  Commodities…. the list could go on, and on, and on.

The concept of making investments is crucial and pivotal for individuals to grow their income.  Big boy stuff.  It is arguably one of the most important life choices that young people should be taught to grasp.  Luckily, I was honing my skills at a young age.  Thanks Mom.  Thanks Dad.

Growing up my parents were firm believers and advocates of this “saving” thing.  Why not teach them at a young age?  I remember vividly the first time my parents explained to me this mindset.  Granted they were teaching a 15-year-old boy; so they had to sell me on it because, frankly, I really liked buying Oakley sunglasses.

I had a job refereeing a youth football league every Saturday.  I got paid $15 a game and refereed 3 or 4 games a weekend.  After I got my first paycheck my mom asked me this question, “Garrett do you want to start saving money?”

I stopped.. Was this a trick?  Why would I save my money?  I want those new half-jacket Oakleys.  Okay Garrett, test her…

“Why?” I responded.  Smooth Garrett, act like you are interested while all you are thinking about is how good those orange lenses will look on you. 

“Because if you put your money away now, the bank will pay you to have them keep it in their bank.”  Cue mind blown.

Shoot, I put all this money away and the bank pays me?  Yes please!  This investing thing is quite awesome.  So where to invest?

Isn’t that such a loaded question?  This concept isn’t just for financial gain, but it absolutely parallel’s our lives as well.  I know for a fact someone agrees with me, in Matthew it says this:

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

when we invest in something that says we believe that it is worth our attention.  Here is the funny thing.  If I looked at everything that in my life I “invest” in, a lot of the times I’m just doing it to do it.  It might look good on a resume.  Or it might be what I’m “suppose”  to do.  But what it comes down to is I should invest full heartedly.  Because if I’m not, then why invest in the first place?  Where are we investing our time? Our energy.  Our life….do we actually believe those things are worth our attention?

I have a hard time thinking anyone who first invested money in their own start-up companies just did it and didn’t fully throw themselves into it.  So why do I think the things I invest in should be any different?

My hope is this, that the people, the ministries, the lifestyle that I am investing myself in are central to my life.  That they are always being looked at, paid attention to, cared for, and a lot of time is spent there.  Jesus chose 12 guys.  He saw infinite return on these 12 investments.  And He put his life into them.

Crazy thing about Jesus’ investments was this; only 120 people believed in Jesus when He was crucified.  And  most of those people were nobody’s.  Talk about a tough group to invest in?  BUT,  He believed in his investments.  Even in times of crisis and depression.  He rode out the dips and valleys.  Because He knew His investments took time.  Isn’t that what they tell you?  “Good things take time.”

We seem to think that it’s important to invest our time and lives  in a LOT because the return will be high.  But I want my investments to go deep. I hope to not stretch myself thin, but that my life will be invested in things full-heartedly.  That one day I can look back and see return on my investments and where I put my time.  I’m thinking I will be pretty blown away.  Because reality is this, “the harvest is plentiful,” and  I hope to be one of the few that will invest in Christ.

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